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About Us!

Welcome To SmartCalculation

The Smartcalculation website has been created to offer daily typical calculations in the fields of finance, engineering, healthcare, etc. Reliable sources have been utilized to present the tools of calculation. Convenience and easy access for users are the main motives for the exertion of efforts, so the desired answer can be reached as fast as possible.

According to the type of the tool, to provide the users with a more comprehensive understanding of the data, several relevant charts and graphs have been used to fulfill the need.

As well as the tools, informative instructions have been provided. All of the data needed for the tools to operate are explained and clarified; and under the tool, through a video, the users are guided well on how to access the results of a calculation. The formula related to any of these calculators has been elaborated on in the section on tools.

Along with the calculators available on the website, there is a weblog providing information concerning a diverse array of fields. We endeavor to further supplement the articles uploaded on the website by including helpful pieces of information in the articles.

Our vision

The purpose of Smartcalculation is to facilitate the access of users to credible sources. We are gratified to have an influence, however minor, on the level of data with which the users are provided. We hope to remain consistent on this path.

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