What is the best tip percentage

When and how to Always Tip, along with the Suggested Tip Percentage

Tip Amounts in Restaurants

According to Robin DiPietro, Ph.D., professor and program director at the University of South Carolina’s College of Hospitality, Retail and Sports Administration, tipping in restaurants should range from 15% for substandard service to 20% for really excellent service. Gratuity in a restaurant is always expected, no matter how good the service is.

Having a group meal? How to Deal with Tipping

Separate checks are not permitted in some places. Make sure that anybody leaving cash pays for their Food and includes a tip. According to Nicolas Graf, anyone paying with a credit card should tip on half of the entire bill, not the smaller amount shown on their credit card receipt, which has the cash portion taken away.

Should You Adjust Your Tipping for Restaurant Tax?

According to etiquette experts, pre-tax tips on restaurant checks are often acceptable. After all, there’s no sense in leaving a tip on the portion of the bill that won’t benefit the waiter or establishment. However, according to Graf, servers could view it as a stingy move. It’s considered to add a tax to the amount if you can.

When Hanging Out at a Bar, How Much Should You Tip?

 Choose flat sums rather than percentages if you are ordering beverages. According to a bar manager in New York City, leaving $1 for a beer and $2 for a drink is a good idea. However, leave a 20% tip if the service is outstanding if you order a bar snack.

Tip Amounts for Taxis and Ridesharing

The standard tipping amount in cabs is between 15 and 20 percent every trip, or around a dollar or two. According to a former Uber driver and the head of outreach at Ridester, an online resource for rideshare drivers, you should tip at least $2 for rideshares like Uber and Lyft.

Tip Amounts in Hotels

Graf advises leaving roughly $2 or $3 a day for housekeeping rather than a significant sum after your stay. According to him, the maid who cleans your room one day may not be the same one who does it the next. “Tip every day, to be fair.” traveling with young children or animals? Think about leaving a few bucks more.

Tip Amounts at Hair and Nail Salons

Most salons expect tips of 15% as standard. Remember that many places hope you tip with cash. Ask whether you can send your tips via a cash app like Paypal if you’re short on money or have to tip dozens of people (like in a barbershop where the wash person and blowout stylist also anticipate a few dollars).

How much to tip a nanny or babysitter

Even if you and your babysitter have undoubtedly agreed on an hourly cost, rounding up the amount (say, from $45 to a firm $50 tip) is a kind gesture, particularly on busy days or nights when you have to prepare for your group. A tip of one or two weeks’ wages or a gift in that amount might be given to a regular nanny at the end of the year to demonstrate your thanks.

What to Leave at a Coat Check

The standard tip is $1 for each coat and $2 for a bigger bag. Even though some venues charge for checked baggage, DiPietro advises leaving a gratuity.

Tip Amount for Ordering Food

According to Graf, most delivery apps allow tipping within the app, so that you may add 15 to 20% that way. (Remember that a delivery charge differs from a tip!) You may add additional gratuity to some applications, such as Postmates, which employs a cashless tipping system, after your delivery. Nevertheless, many drivers like icy, hard, tax-free cash.

According to Julia Esteve Boyd, an etiquette expert in Lausanne, Switzerland, $3 to $5 for each delivery is reasonable. Keep a little cash envelope close to your front door, so you’ll always be prepared when the meal comes. Snowing or raining? Think about adding a few bucks to your tip.

Tip Amounts at Coffee Shops

Although a tip is not required, rounding up your coffee purchase to the next dollar is a lovely gesture, particularly if you are a regular or the barista has gone above and beyond to make your visit unique. Emilio Baltodano, the owner of Eleva Coffee in Brooklyn, New York, advises, “Go ahead and make it at least 20 percent if they’ve splurged on the latte art or given you a nice recommendation for going about the area.”

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